Austin Area Pet Stores

Pet Care Resources:

Advocacy: I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy  iowl-logo-with-website

Book Recommendations:

  • Dr Pitcairns Natural Health for Dogs and Cats (see ANHC Education Programs)
  • Foods Pets Die For and Protect Your Pet by Ann Martin
  • Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals.  By Lew Olson
    Available at Barnes & Noble.
  • The Healthy Dog Cookbook by Jonna Anne with Mary Straus (Canine Nutritionist)
  • Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley (note: I’m not crazy about their website although the book is a wonderful resource. Our pets can benefit immensely from activated charcoal) Find it locally in Austin at The Herb Bar

Website Recommendations:

  • Nature’s Farmacy – excellent, high quality pet vitamins and supplements.
  • Dogs Naturally Magazine – THE BEST resource for all holistic care, vaccination information, supplement information + MUCH more!!
  • Canine Care – A VERY helpful link regarding pet foods, recall info, over vaccination info.
  • Dog Aware – up to date, reliable dog care information
  • Yahoo Groups – Join K9 Nutrition and CatNutritionInfo
  • Stop the Shots, Canine Care (click on Vaccination Newsflash), and Dog Aware (do a search for vaccinations) for more information on this important subject
    **Vaccinations DO NOT need to be given yearly and are actually very harmful when given yearly.**
  • Truth About Pet Food – Easy to read and understand information that you need to know to keep your pet safe.
  • Little Big Cat – Information for our feline friends
  • Holisticat – helpful up to date information for catties.
  • B-Naturals – great information. Be sure to join for Newsletters. I trust Lew Olson implicitly!
  • Fresh food and kibble– A newsletter, by Lew Olson, regarding fresh food ideas to add to kibble.
  • Born Free USA – Search “What’s Really In Pet Food” for more information on the truth about pet foods

We will soon offer many fabulous, helpful products for your pets in our reception area.  We will keep you posted on the latest and greatest right here.