dog kennel, dog boarding, Cedar Creek, TexasThe process is simple. You can schedule online, call us or email us to schedule your boarding or daycare needs.  If you are a new client, we can schedule a visit for you to bring your pet to meet and inspect us and give you a chance to tour our facility. This will give us a chance to evaluate your pet to make sure we are a good match. Please schedule as far in advance as possible, especially for holidays and busy seasons. We require a credit card on file.

Please visit the FAQ page for online booking forms.

All dogs must be people friendly and must meet our health and vaccination requirements. We do not breed discriminate.

Vaccination Requirements.  PLEASE DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR PET YEARLY!! Adette has studied pet nutrition and vaccination information for over 10 years.  Our vaccination requirements are the latest and safest recommendations for your pet from the American Animal Hospital Association.  We do not recommend yearly vaccinations as these can actually do more harm than good for your pet. Visit Canine Care (click on ‘Beware’ then ‘Vaccines’) for more information.