dog hotel near the Austin airportHow do we book services?
If your dog has not stayed with us before, please contact us to determine if it is necessary for your pet to come meet us. Of course, you and your pet are always welcome to schedule a time to come meet us and inspect Chuckling Hound. In the meantime, you can certainly go ahead with your booking in order to reserve the space for the dates you need.

The information each client provides to us is used only for our files. We do not distribute or share this information with any outside source.

To book services simply click on the appropriate link:

  • If you are a new client, please fill out the New Client Information Form. Please make note of your login and password.
  • Once the new client form is submitted, you will receive a welcome email. PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL. This will give you instructions on how to log into our scheduling program to update your pets information, book services, and complete care instructions for your pet’s stay.
  • Existing clients please fill login to the Pet Exec system to schedule overnight stays or daycare. If you are unsure of your login or password, feel free to contact us.
    PLEASE make sure you receive a confirmation email. This will ensure your pet’s spot on our calendar.

Do we bring our pet’s food?
You can bring your own food.  We are passionate about healthy foods and offer super premium pet food for $1.50/meal.  We also love  raw food and home cooked diets and are happy to accommodate. Visit our Helpful Pet Information page for the latest pet nutrition information.

What else do we bring?
We encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite toy or blanket.  It is also soothing for your pet to have a t-shirt you have recently worn or slept in. Your scent is comforting to your best friend.

Are our pets always supervised?
Yes, anytime your pet is not in their private room, they are supervised.

Where do our pets sleep?
Your pets sleep in their own private, climate controlled rooms, safe and sound for the best doggie and kitty dreams possible.

I am a big worrier about my pets. Please comfort me.
The very reason a pet resort was my dream is because I love my pets as if they were my children. Every precaution imaginable has been taken to assure your pet’s safety and comfort. Our fences are 6 feet tall and escape proof.  We only use natural products to rid our area of pests and to clean and sanitize. We only walk pets on a leash along with a fail proof collar. We know signs of stress and illness and keep a keen eye out for both. We are Pet First Aid/CPR Certified. We live on property as an additional safety precaution.

Do you charge for the initial visit?
No, there is no charge for this visit. The purpose of the visit is to ensure that you are confident that your dog will do well in our resort environment, and that we feel the same. It’s also a chance for you to tour our facility and ask any questions.

dog boarding, cat boarding, Austin, TexasWhat if I need to cancel my reservation?
For non-holiday periods, our cancelation policy is three days prior to arrival. Cancelations that occur within three days prior to check-in for non-holiday periods will result in a one night charge per guest to the credit card on file. Reservations created within three days prior to check-in for non-holiday periods and subsequently canceled also will result in a one night charge per guest the credit card on file.

For holiday periods, we have a 7 day cancelation policy. Failure to cancel 10 days prior to arrival for holiday periods will result in a $100 charge to the credit card on file per guest. Reservations created within 7 days prior to check-in for holiday periods and subsequently canceled also will result in a $100 charge to the credit card on file per guest.  The cancelation policy is more stringent during holiday periods because we typically have to turn away potential customers during this time.  Of course we are understanding of cancelations due to special circumstances.

How much time do the dogs spend outdoors?
During the day, the dog doors are open so your dogs are free to go in and out to their private patios as they please.  We arrange play and walk time according to the weather for your pet’s safety and comfort.